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Lunarfest 2021

April 6 - April 22, 2021

Frederick Horsman Varley

Art Gallery, Unionville, ON

The 4ssst Uxbridge  Nov 2020 - July 2021  Miigwetch for all the Promotion, Support & Donations!


Exhibit @ The Mount, Peterborough, ON

November 10/2020

Ready, Set, Stop! CLOSED DUE TO COVID!

"Messages from the Heart"The Georgina Post

Sherry Crawford

Sept. 26 - 27 2020

Georgina Arts Centre & Gallery, Sutton, ON


Ongoing Exhibits/Events/Pop-UP's!

April 2021 "Mini-pop up gallery - Foodland, Millbrook, ON

Feb. 2021 – “Lunarfest – Chinese New Year Celebration” – Due to Covid, in person changed to Online Indigenous Lights Festival, Scarborough, ON

Nov.2020 – Jan. 2021 “Pop – Up Gallery” , Foodland, Bancroft, ON (Covid Restrictions)

 Nov. 2020 “Short But Sweet” – Set up @ The Mount, Peterborough, ON ( Cancelled due to Covid)

 Sept. 2020 – Nov. 2020 “Messages from the Heart” – Fall Studio Tour, Georgina ARTS Centre & Gallery, Sutton, ON (Covid Restrictions)

 July 2020 “Here we Go Again” – Created /Curated / Exhibited - 2nd Drive-Thru Exhibit & Indoor Indigenous ART Experience, St. John’s Anglican Church, Ida, ON (Covid Restrictions)

 June 2020 “Thinking outside the Box” – Created Solo Drive-Thru Exhibit – St. John’s Anglican Church, Ida, ON – Covid-Safe!

 Sept 2019 Indigenous Discovery Wknd, Education & Art Show & Sale, St. Paul’s United Church, Bowmanville, ON

 July 2019 Algonquin Gathering, Bancroft ON – Art show/Sale

 Nov. 2018 Talking Stick Workshop – Sharing Cultural Education through Creation – York River Public School, Bancroft, ON

 Sept. 2018 “Art Show/Sale & Sharing Circle- The effects of Residential Schools” - Earth Run in the Rouge & Indigenous Arts Celebration, Scarborough, ON

 July 2018 “Indigenous Days Art Show / Cultural Education”, Shaw Woods Outdoor Education Centre, Pembroke, ON

 May 2018 Exhibited with other Indigenous Artists at the Woodland Cultural Centre, Brantford, ON

 Oct. 2017 “Reflections of my Mind” - Art Show & Sale – Ross Memorial Hospital - Mental Health Association, Lindsay, ON

 April 2017 “Introducing – White Bear Standing “ Georgina Arts Centre & Gallery, Sutton , ON

 July 2016 “Pimisi Station Algonquin Paddle Project”, Ottawa, ON

 June 2016 “Finding Critical Mass” – Algonquin Artists – Bancroft Art Gallery, Bancroft, ON

 Mar. 2014-May 2015 Opened Crawford Fine ART Gallery, Millbrook On

 June 2013 “Peterborough in Portraits” – Group Exhibition – Canadian Canoe Museum, Peterborough, ON

 Feb. 2013 Taught 8 week Art Class to Youth at Risk (Durham Region) Volunteer

 2006–2010 Created/Curated/Facilitated Indigenous (Annishinaabe) Wisdom Sharing Workshops – Art Prints / Talking Stick / Medicine Wheel Creation/Education