Who is White Bear

Standing Creative?

Sherry Crawford is an established artist who grew up on the shores of Anderson Lake, and Paudash Lake near Bancroft, Ontario. Her Algonquin roots have had her picking up the pieces of her Anishinaabe Culture for over 20 years. Embracing spiritual and traditional teachings have brought honor and humility to her life and her art.

White Bear Standing Creative

During a Shaking Tent Ceremony years ago, Sherry was given her Indigenous Ceremonial name; White Bear Standing. She is proud to connect with her inner spirit. It presents itself in many of her pieces.


This piece represents the connectedness to all things. We refer to the trees as ‘Standing People’ for they are warriors who stand strong against the elements and they provide us with clean air and thus, life! The faces in the trees and earth are representative of the connections and continued energy flow of life. When we die, we go into the earth, the plants and trees grow from the earth, we eat the plants and the animals eat the plants. We eat the animals, and sometimes the animals eat us….and the cycle continues forever!


Inspired by a wonderful canoe trip with my son and a generous and kind Teacher friend from Bancroft. We were canoeing on the York River and I have driven the road past the Eagles nest park (rock cliffs) hundreds of times, but never saw it from the ‘river’ looking up at the rocks. It was beautiful and I snapped a shot of it. I went home that evening and painted the painting. We strongly believe if we follow the ‘Seven Grandfather Teachings” of Love, Respect, Wisdom, Truth, Honesty, Bravery & Humility, we can walk the good Red Road in a good way! There is an image in the rock face’..that is seen in many photos. known as the Chief. I drew 6 more grandfather faces.. to represent the teachings. You have to look carefully to find them all!


"I can see you, but do you see me?" 

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